Antonio Tamburro

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"The universal language of painting"

Gigino Falconi

Melanconia dell'immagine


Friday 28th of february, 6.30 pm

In the presence of the artist

Il sogno di Odessa, 66.9x82.6 inches, acrylic and oil on canvas


 materic serigraph

Edition 1/30 -25.9x25.9 inches

In the shadow - Street Art work reproduction on cotton paper textured by Antonio Tamburro - Edition 1/100 - 15,7x23,6 inches

Spiaggia, 78,7x78,7 inches (Oil and acrylic on canvas)

6° Senso Art Gallery will be present at

Contemporary Art Fair Zurich

from 16th to 18th October, 2015 - Stand K18

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Art and AltaRomaAltaModa: the event in the event


There are unions that get a name for themselves. That's what’s to happen during the fashion week of “AltaRomAltaModa” (12th /16th of July 2014) when an event within the event will see fashion and art intertwine in the beautiful scenery of the capital. “ARTE E MODA/LA MODA NELL'ARTE”: this is the title of the event with which the Roman Association of Modern Art Galleries (A.R.G.A.M.) will participate in this important initiative of Roman High Fashion, where for years historical Italian maison meet creative and international new productions. Two art galleries, the 6° SENSO ART GALLERY of Barbara Tamburro and the STUDIO S-ARTE CONTEMPORANEA of Carmine Siniscalco, are the protagonists of this collateral event, that confirms the link between contemporary art and contemporary fashion.

The inauguration will be staged on Tuesday 15th of July, at 06.00 p.m. at the STUDIO S-ARTE CONTEMPORANEA of Carmine Siniscalco located in Via della Penna 59 and at 06:30 p.m. at the 6° SENSO ART GALLERY situated in Via dei Maroniti 13. The event is presented as a two-pole circuit in which the mutual exhibitions pay homage to Haute Couture through the creations of designers and artists who were inspired by the varied female universe of which fashion is an authoritative spokesperson. The female body plays a key role in the creative process that determines the choice of executive means and the form in which the primitive idea materializes. Born from this are the sculpture-dresses, respectively created by Eleonora Riccio and Valeria Catania, as is the impressive canvas by Antonio Tamburro entitled "Walking across the street". A seductive cutting perspective that captures a group of women in modern clothes along the streets of a metropolis. They are moving in the opposite direction to the observer, almost penetrating beyond the wall. We are at the entrance of 6° SENSO ART GALLERY. The graphic works of the cosmopolitan artist Leonor Fini instead will be exposed at the STUDIO S-ARTE CONTEMPORANEA, testifying her “designed elegance”. Then there are the works of Emiliano Manari. His "Patchwork d'Autore" enhances intriguing female stares processed by fine fabrics, among other brocades and damasks that reminds one of an antique Rome. Along the journey the multifaceted Sinisca will share photographs, jewelry and other unique items such as shawls and scarves. Tradition and innovation are linked in the exhibited creations, respecting what is the theme of the fashion week in which past and present interact in terms of uniqueness and excellence.

07 July - 21 July 2014


The art of Antonio Tamburro has been identified by the distinctive characteristics such as sign, energy, color, movement. Their combination reaches a style in which the figurative tradition and mastery of the work are at the service of an art that is projected into the future by colors dynamically spread on the canvas in order to witness the hectic pace of the modern era. Not surprisingly the predominance of metropolitan themes such as the anonymous crowds of the big cities, the flow of excited cars and the overexposure of the landscape to images of advertising. Nonetheless the absence seems to have an important role, just as in the works that portray the solitary poses of female figures captured in their domestic privacy or in secluded urban scenarios. The strong and bright colors emerge from the dominant background with blue and gray tones. He captures the beauty and vitality of these contemporary scenes, immortalizing them with enticing prospective cuts. There is a kind of hymn to life that emanates from the great passion for painting visible in all his productions.


The works of Marco Tamburro are striking for their dynamic and creative capacity in which the recurring theme of metropolitan imagery cleverly depicts the chaos and the catastrophe that could be found in urban life. Using few brushstrokes his technique is able to capture the essence and the feel of everyday city life that reminds you of a futuristic age. The paintings, prevalently in medium and large sizes, are structured according to various perspectives which tend to expand the visible field and give a great sense of movement and depth. The lines that define the trajectory of streets, skyscrapers and advertising hoardings are at times broken up by other signs that produce a continuous motion of pulsating and frenetic rhythms of the chaotic city. The preponderance of black and white, due to his other passion photography, is interrupted by bright and strong colors such as red, yellow and orange that create a powerful visual effect.

Limited series of umbrellas painted by  Antonio Tamburro