Melanconia dell'immagine

Gigino Falconi

Solo exhibition


Friday 28th of february, 6.30 pm


Le spiagge di Antonio Tamburro

Opening of exhibition

Thursday, 26th of September 2019

6.30 pm.

March 18th, 2019

Opening of photo exhibition by Paolo Raeli "Les coulers des petites choses"

October 22nd, 2018

during Rome Art Week

Opening of bipersonal exhibition

Strong and silent painting:

Antonio Tamburro e Mario Sughi

From 4th to 7th of October 2018

Margutta Creative District

June 21st, 2018

Performance by Antonio Tamburro during the event "Music Festival" in Via Margutta

March 15th 2018

Opening of solo Exhibition by Mario Sughi


Genuary - February 2018

solo Exhibition by Antonio Tamburro


From 9th to 21th of October 2017

Bipersonal Exhibition by

Antonio Tamburro and Corrado Delfini

June -July 2017
Group Exhibition "Segno - Gesto - Colore" Works by Antonio Tamburro, Mimmo Paladino,  Mimmo Centonze, Corrado Delfini
April - May 2017
solo Exhibition by Antonio Tamburro
"La pittura fotografa la vita"
Genuary - March 2016
Group Exhibition by
Antonio Tamburro - Marco Tamburro - Mario Sughi - Vanni Saltarelli - Giorgio Celiberti



Dicember 2016
Christmas Group Exhibition
November 2016
solo Exhibition by Marco Tamburro



September - October  2016

Bipersonal Exhibition by

Antonio e Marco Tamburro



July - August 2016

Event "Margutta Creative District"



June 2016

Opening of the new venue of

6° Senso Art Gallery, Thursday 9th, 7.00 pm.






Antonio Tamburro

virtual exhibition


"The universal language of painting"

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