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6° Senso Art Gallery opened its space in October 2008, with the objective of promoting the new works of young, emerging artists and of those already established in the contemporary art scene, primarily exploiting painting as an expressive and communicative means, together with sculpture, photography and design. The passion and the sensitivity towards the world of art are the starting points for a personal and innovative research into the choice of talented artists. They must be able to express themselves in a simple way, identifying themselves with their work of art and not with the viewer, using all five senses to create an art work which is beautiful not just conceptual, which goes beyond passing fashions, an art work able to capture for its powerful vision and for the emotions that is communicates, but in particular an art work that is born from a deep inspiration and from a special Sixth Sense!

6° Senso Art Gallery  works with international artists with the objective of giving them visibility of their work through personal, collective exhibitions, institutional events, international fairs and editorial publications. All lovers of art, the connoisseurs and collectors of various kinds can come and visit us in the gallery and participate in different types of events such as exhibitions, book presentations, and cultural debates, accompanied by musical and artistic performances.

6° Senso Art Gallery guarantees an excellent delivery service and provides the delivery of art works throughout the world, provides an exclusive service for those who want to have advice on aesthetic practices and how to arrange their own art works in certain settings. It also offers the opportunity to try in your own house or office an art work before a possible purchase is made and the possibility of renting art works for long periods of time in private studios, companies, hotels, banks and more.

 6° Senso Art Gallery offers its customers the possibility to make payments by instalments for the art works purchased and custom financial plans. It also offers an efficient wedding list service for exclusive and unique gifts.





“Art teaches nothing except the meaning of life”


 Henry Miller

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